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We have seen that many places lack structure and they don't even realize that they need transformation.

So we’ve been working and talking with local community leadership for about 2 years and believe now is the time for us to personally go, see the reality and assess how can we be helpful.

We understand that transformation doesn't happen by accident. It's our opportunity to be a tool of growth, by bringing capacitation, increasing and developing their ability and skills to transform their community.

At this moment, we are in contact with one key leader and for this next trip we are planning to meet with more leaders at another 9 places as different communities have been asking for us to help them.
There are several ways you can help.

Finances for the trips and onsite assessments and coordination. 

The building of a training center with computers for live streaming, and high-speed internet, various materials and resources that they will need for online live streaming and recorded classes. I know that every time that I'm going there, several leaders from Mozambique and Malawi desire and need to come for the meetings.


For some of them it’s not possible, without our help with resources because they don’t have the means for travel, lodging and food.


Resources are a huge challenge for them.


We understand that many want to help but they don't know how.


We understand that many want to go but they can't go now.


Other ways for you to consider helping: You may help us with your prayers.


Help us with your finances, even if you are unable to go, as this is also a way of you going with us. You may help us, by preparing and joining me on a trip for next year around May 2023.

I want to thank God for all your help and I understand that you are important to make things that look impossible … possible.

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Mozambique, Africa

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